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NPR/Kitchen Sisters – “What We’re Readingâ€

The Perennial Quest for Now: A Review & Profile

Kirkus Reviews – review

Kenyon Review – interview

WYES-TV/Steppin’ Out – interview

WWNO-FM/The Reading Life – interview 

KTEP-FM/Words on a Wire – interview

New York Times – “What We’re Reading” mention

Esquire – review

People – review

Bloomberg – interview

Times-Picayune – feature

Publishers Weekly – review

Library Journal – review

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: review

Kirkus – review

New Orleans Magazine – excerpt

NOLA Defender – feature

Zocalo Public Square – interview

CNN – interview

WNNO-FM – interview

KATV-TV (Little Rock) – interview

KTEP-FM/Words on a Wire – interview

WYES-TV/Steppin’ Out: interview


Based on “A Taste for Chaosâ€

Kenyon Review – Carpe Vitam: How to Do Things with Spontaneity

Bookanista – Adventures in Improvising

Assay – A Taste For Chaos: Creative Nonfiction as Improvisation

Yale University, IAAP and IAJS conference paper – Embracing the Back Streets and the Valueless

Based on “The Gorilla Man and the Empress of Steakâ€

Kenyon Review – Katrina Five Ways

Kenyon Review – Eshu on the Bayou

NolaVie – Native Tongues: Earner Sylvain

Tikkun: The Jews of Rampart and the Birth of Jazz

New Orleans Magazine: The Empire of Sizzzzzzle

Creative Nonfiction – Triumph of Preservation

Environmental Writing


Improv, Hermes, and the Everyday Otherworldly Bard College, Hannah Arendt Center Feb. 15, 2016. View talk PDF